Increase Your Website Visibility

It is essential that you invest in basic search engine optimization (SEO) when it comes to your website. This will help you properly position your website so that it is visible to users at the exact points at which they will make the buying decision.

But in order to do this, it is essential to know what search engines are looking for. You need to build your website in a way that will impress your visitors but at the same time enable you to higher Google ranking online. Therefore, the most pressing concern is, how to use SEO to improve your business visibility.

Here are some tips to help you:

Look at every aspect of your website

Yes, your content is important, and you certainly should not neglect your social media strategy. But at the same time, your infrastructure and content management system are very important too. This is what helps your website become visible to search engines and if they are not in order, search engines will simply discard your site.

Think about what search engines are looking for

The basic purpose of a search engine is to direct users to websites and content that would be most relevant to their search criteria. But what exactly are the parameters used to determine relevancy?

  • Content: This is determined by the website theme, text, descriptions and titles.
  • Authority: Does your website have good content that other websites are linking to? Do other websites link to your content or use your website as a reference?
  • Performance: Does your website work the way it should? How fast is it?
  • User experience: How easy is your website to navigate? Is it free of malware? How high is the bounce rate?

Think about what search engines are not interested in

Search engine crawlers only store a certain amount of data, so if you are trying to cheat them, you will only be hurting yourself. Search engines ignore websites with the following:

  • Keyword stuffing: When your website content overuses keywords.
  • Link purchasing: When you buy links to and from other websites.
  • Website bounce rates: You need to make it easy for the user to find their way around your website since a high bounce rate has a great impact on your SEO. For example, too many ads and a poor navigation experience will cause visitors to leave your website and increase your bounce rate. Take some time out to determine your bounce rate and figure out what you are doing wrong.

Learn to optimize for multiple channels

It is important to maintain a keyword strategy on your website but at the same time you should not neglect your off-site keyword strategy as well. This is important since Google and other search engines are now increasingly using other channels to increase website ranking.

The channels you should consider are:

  • Twitter
  • Email
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn

Maintaining a consistent strategy on these platforms will help you rank higher on search engines and boost your visibility.

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